Attract More

Clients with

words that sell

It’s damn crowded out there.

Finally ready to be heard through all that noise?

Pretty words that look good on paper ain’t gonna cut it.

You need words that command attention and create connections.

Words that inspire action, open wallets and turn clicks into cash.

Hey, I’m Jess

Copywriter + Messaging Strategist

My mission: to help more Health & Wellness Coaches increase their impact
and their income with words. It’s my job (and my jam) to deliver personality-driven copy that captivates, connects and converts.

My signature move? Weaving research, strategy and storytelling into kick-ass word magic that helps coaches and wellness-based biz owners
 stand out and sell more.

I write copy that speaks to your ideal client and showcases your true value. Words that command attention, inspire action, create connections and turn clicks into cash.

If you're ready to banish the blank page/blinking cursor stress for good or free up more time for the things that light you up... You need me on your team!

It sounds like me, but better!

My site wasn’t converting, I wasn’t booking many calls through it. I’ve been so embarrassed to send people there so long. No more!! Jess was AMAZING. The process was smooth and easy and the resulting web copy was incredible.

I couldn’t wait to open each email Jess sent through and the wireframe is GOLD! I can’t wait to start driving more traffic to my site. Jess has given me confidence in my website again and totally took the guesswork out of everything.

– Georgina, We Think CEO


Just what I been wishing for

I LOVED working with Jess. I wanted to create an opt-in for my audience but was struggling coming up with an idea. She’s such a professional and figured out straight away what I wanted, but hadn’t been able to do myself.

Jess easily uncovered what I truly wanted to offer to my customers and was able to come up with a great concept that captured my brand so well. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends.

– Henna, Valo Yoga Mats


I'm thrilled with the result!

I was struggling to stand out from the crowd, I knew what message I wanted to get out there but I couldn’t articulate it. Jess really knows how to produce great copy. She identified the pain points of my clients and captured the voice and tone of my brand amazingly.

Her process was seamless from start to finish. We look forward to working with Jess from Bazaar Creative again in the future.

– Sandra, PAVirtual

Jess just has a way with words!

Before working with Jess, I was struggling to come up with a great lead magnet. Sometimes just trying to articulate what you want to say can be so hard, so I knew she was the Copywriter for me when she just said it so effortlessly. My decision was made.
When I got my hands on my copy for the first time, I loved it! It was perfect for my brand and the copywriting was spot on! It made me feel like I had something of great value to offer to my customers for free. So much effort was put in and I’m truly grateful.

There are some things in life that you are good at and some things that you just need to outsource and this is 100% worth outsourcing as it takes the stress out of it all.


– Cher, Alluring Minerals

Increase Your Impact & Your Income

With personality-packed copy that cuts through the noise…
And has your inbox blowing up (à la Meg Ryan) with Stripe notifications

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